US to protect its networks from China's "aggressive invasion" with Clean Network plan


On Wednesday, August 5, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the expansion of the government's 5G Clean Path program with a new Clean Network plan, extending to carriers, app stores, cloud services and submarine cables.

5G Clean Path is a comprehensive approach used by a coalition of countries and like-minded companies to protect their mission-critical telecommunications, cloud services, analytics, mobile apps, IoT and 5G technologies from attackers. The program provides for the purchase of products only from reliable suppliers that are not subject to authoritarian governments such as the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Pompeo, the Clean Network plan will protect the US from the "aggressive invasion" of the Chinese Communist Party, and other countries also need to build a "fortress" around their citizens' data. "Such companies pose a threat to US national security and should not provide international communications services to and from the US," said the secretary of state.

The Clean Network plan consists of five initiatives. As part of the Clean Carrier Initiative, the US government will ensure that Chinese carriers do not connect to US telecom networks.

As part of the Clean Cable Initiative, the US government will prevent China from collecting intelligence from submarine cables “at a hyper-scale”.

On the cloud side, Washington will launch the Clean Cloud Initiative to prevent the "most sensitive" information of American citizens and businesses from being stored and processed on cloud platforms "accessible to foreign adversaries" such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.

As part of the Clean Store initiative, authorities will remove "untrusted apps" from US app stores and block China's ability to pre-install "trusted" apps in those stores (Clean Apps initiative). “These companies should remove their apps from the Huawei app store to make sure they are not engaging in human rights abuses,” Pompeo said.


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