Three ethical hackers hacked Donald Trump's Twitter account in 2016


It is strange that such a story surfaced only four years later, but there are reasons for this.

The Dutch edition of Vrij Nederland reported in detail about the hack from the words of the hackers. Since there have long been rumors in these circles about the compromise of the credentials of the current president of the United States, three specialists decided to inform the public that they did it.

According to enthusiasts, Trump's Twitter account password was completely identical to that found in 2012 leaked LinkedIn database. Recall that in 2016, a database appeared on dark web forums containing data from more than 117 million accounts of users of a business social network.

As the ethical hackers who allegedly broke Trump's password explained, it all started in October 2016. It was then that the specialists tried to access the Twitter account with the @realdonaldtrump handle.

In particular, the hackers used a password previously "pulled" from a hash found in a compromised LinkedIn credential database. It was not possible to log into the presidential candidate's account the first time (at that time), but the problem was not in the password, but in the email address.

Hackers are known to have extracted data from the hash using John the Ripper tool, and initially tried to login with (link to send email) ... However, authentication failed. Then they tried (link to send email) - this time it worked.

At the same time, experts noted that they were at serious risk: the hacking attempt was not masked in any way, the experts also did not cover their traces, they did not even use VPN. Moreover, all the actions of the hackers were carried out from the hotel, where they stayed under their own names. Of course, the researchers used a common hotel chain.

Nevertheless, the hackers did not even have the idea of ​​using access for malicious purposes, so they immediately tried to transfer all the information to the American special services.

Everyone is probably wondering what kind of password Trump was using at that time. As you expected, nothing complicated - yourefired.


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