The USA is preparing a response to the attacks of "Russian hackers"

Washington said it would apply not only sanctions to Russia, but also "visible and invisible instruments".
The US threatens Russia to respond to an attack by alleged Russian hackers by the US government. Joe Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, promised that he would make sure that "Russia understands where the US draws the line" on cyberattacks. According to the official, the response will include not only sanctions, the impact will be exerted through "visible and invisible instruments."

He added that intelligence officers are now establishing the scale of the damage and identifying those involved in the cyberattacks. According to the presidential aide, it will take weeks to prepare a response. The US authorities are working on this, Sullivan said.

“Responding to some of these actions requires a more comprehensive set of tools. This is what the US administration intends to do, ”Sullivan said. It will take several months to eliminate the consequences of a large-scale cyberattack on American departments.

Washington believes that someone of "Russian origin" was probably behind the SolarWinds hacker attack, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ann Nyberger told reporters on Wednesday.

Russia has repeatedly rejected Washington's conclusions about Moscow's involvement in the December cyberattack on American departments through SolarWinds software, as well as about interference in the American elections. 


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