The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is preparing experimental projects: robotic hotels and cargo transportation by drones


The Russian draft law on "regulatory sandboxes" envisages the creation of "experimental legal regimes" on the basis of which new technologies will be introduced, which are not yet regulated by laws.

The first projects that the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia plans to implement:
- robotic hotels,
- cargo transportation by drones,
- commercial use of self-driving cars, including taxis,
- remote conclusion of contracts for communication services,
- "Voice antifraud" service to protect subscribers from fraudsters,
- service for small and micro-businesses for the selection of optimal areas of activity,
- introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine and telemedicine technologies.

The smart hotel, which is planned to be one of the first to be implemented, will automatically book visitors, check in, register and serve them using IoT, virtual reality, AI, machine learning and machine vision (remote face identification) technologies.

The ministry said that the projects were identified in cooperation with companies such as MTS, Yandex and Medsi, as well as the Advanced Research Fund and the Big Data Association.

The department plans to introduce AI into medicine, develop a service for small and micro-businesses to select optimal areas of activity, and also use technologies to protect subscribers from fraudsters.


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