The European Union imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation and China for cyberattacks


The European Union has imposed sanctions on a number of structures and several citizens of Russia and China for their alleged involvement in cyber attacks. This is reported in the EU statement.

“Today, the Council decided to impose restrictive measures against six individuals and three organizations responsible for or involved in various cyberattacks. These include attempted cyberattacks against the OPCW) and cyberattacks publicly known as WannaCry and NotPetya, as well as Operation Cloud Hopper, ”the message said. It clarifies that the imposed sanctions include a travel ban and an asset freeze. In addition, EU individuals and legal entities are prohibited from providing funds to sanctioned individuals.

The measures will affect four Russians, two citizens of the PRC and three organizations. The appendix to the EU Council resolution, in particular, lists Alexey Minin, Alexey Morenets, Evgeny Serebryakov, Oleg Sotnikov, as well as the main center for special technologies of the main intelligence department of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

The GTSTS is suspected of collaborating with the Sandworm Team, a hacker group “behind the attack on the Ukrainian power system,” also carried out using the NotPetya virus.

Chinese legal entity Tianjin Huaying Haitai Science and Technology Development, as well as two Chinese citizens who, according to the community, are responsible for the operation of Cloud Hopper, were also included in the first EU sanctions list for cyber attacks.

In addition, restrictive measures have been introduced against the DPRK legal entity Chosun Expo, in particular, for the WannaCry cyberattack.


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