The Chinese bypass facial recognition systems using other people's photos and deepfake technology

The couple learned to use other people's photos and deepfake to create a video that can deceive the biometric identification system.


Facial recognition systems are widely used in China, and citizens must show their faces to the authorities to perform almost any action. From going somewhere to registering a company, the Chinese need to go through a mandatory biometric verification to verify their identity.

It is not surprising that enterprising individuals were found who came up with a scheme for monetizing ubiquitous biometric checks. According to the Xinhua Daily Telegraph, the couple learned to use other people's photos and deepfake technology to create a video that can be submitted for biometric identification. With the help of these fake videos, scammers can, for example, register companies on a government platform on behalf of someone else.

The couple bought other people's high-resolution photographs and identification numbers on the darknet for $ 4.5 a piece. They then used apps like Live Photos to bring the static image to life by adding movement (nods, head turns, blinking eyes, and mouth movements). Although creating such fakes is a simple process, it turned out to be enough to trick the government's facial recognition system.

The cybercriminals were caught trying to defraud the tax authorities using fake accounts on behalf of a fraudulent company that could not pass the system verification. However, prior to that, all of their fake videos had been successfully verified.


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