Smartphones can be hacked using fingerprints left on a glass

Smartphones can be hacked using fingerprints left on a glass

A team of researchers in 20 minutes "cloned" a fingerprint and hacked into a mobile device.


A team of researchers from Tencent Security X-Lab demonstrated at the GeekPwn 2019 event in Shanghai how to hack a smartphone using fingerprints left on a glass. Researcher Chen Yu scanned fingerprints from a glass using an application on the phone, and then in 20 minutes created a physical copy of fingerprints that could fool scanners from smartphones or cars.
According to the researchers, they were the first to crack an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor - one of the most common types used in smartphones, along with capacitive and optical sensors.
However, recall that earlier this month, the British showed how to fool the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S10. A woman bought a gel protective film for $ 3 and found that she could unlock the device with an unregistered finger. As it soon turned out, her family could also unlock the phone. Samsung has already released an update to fix this problem. Also in April of this year, the user of the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Darkshark managed to circumvent the smartphone s protection system using a three-dimensional fingerprint model.

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