Slovak police seized gossip-connected spy devices


Slovakian law enforcement officers arrested four people as part of an investigation into suspicious devices found on a government IT network.

According to local media reports, the equipment was allegedly used for wiretapping and intercepting Internet communications. The devices were a kind of server connected to the GOVNET network, which interconnected a number of Slovak government agencies.

Slovakia's National Crime Control Agency (NAKA) raided this week and seized suspicious equipment from police stations and judicial institutions. Four suspects were also arrested and interviewed, including two senior officials from the National Office for Electronic Networks and Services (NASES), the government agency responsible for managing the GOVNET network and all devices connected to it. Another arrested man works in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the fourth arrested person is a private person.

Currently, NAKA specialists are examining the seized devices and their capabilities, as well as establishing the role of NASES employees in their connection to GOVNET. At the moment, it is not established whether they connected the “spy” equipment intentionally, or became victims of an attack on the supply chain. The participation of foreign special services is not excluded.

However, according to the Slovak edition of Noviny, interception devices can actually be a normal security system, installed according to the latest audit and designed to protect against cyber attacks. In this case, the traffic registration functions are justified.


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