Russian developer Promobot released the first robot official to measure temperature


The Promobot V.4 robot has a built-in non-contact thermometer in its head. To measure the temperature, the visitor needs to approach a distance of 30 cm. The robot pronounces the measurement result and displays it on the screen. The measurement itself takes no more than 5 seconds.
 At the same time, for the first time, a robot official appeared in the government building of the Perm Region in January 2020. It helps visitors access the building. It is enough for the guest to attach the passport to the scanner - the robot in a few seconds will check the authenticity of the document and the presence of the visitor's appointment. If everything went well, the robot will issue a pass. If there is no information about the recording, he will help to make an appointment and will contact the reception himself to determine whether the visitor is really waiting there.
 “From the beginning of 2020, Russia's first digital civil servant began to consult with residents of the region, issue passes and make an appointment in the government building of the Perm Territory. In total, the robot issued more than 300 passes, which is almost half of all issued passes on applications. We understand that speed and safety are important to visitors to a government agency. The robot issues a pass to a familiar guest in 6 seconds, and a new pass in 20, while the receptionist will need more than a minute for this at the reception. Also, in connection with the new epidemiological situation, from May 12, this robot measures the body temperature of visitors, ”said Igor Nikitin, Minister of Information Development and Communications of the Perm Territory.
 Promobot previously introduced coronavirus test terminals. Devices are intended for remote measurement of temperature in people in places of cross-country ability.


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