Ransomware operators donate to charity for the first time

The hacker group has donated part of the ransom it received from its victims to charities. 21.jpg

The ransomware operators said they donated millions of dollars in extortion to charities. Cybersecurity experts are at a loss as to the group's true motives, but according to the hackers themselves, they want to "make the world a better place."

The group published on the darknet confirmation of the transfer of $ 10 thousand in bikoins to two charitable organizations - Children International and The Water Project. Children International said it would not accept the money, and The Water Project did not comment. “If the donation is related to hackers, we have no intention of keeping it,” Children International told the BBC.

According to a blog post, the hackers are targeting exceptionally large, high-income companies. Attackers are blocking their IT networks with ransomware and demanding a ransom.

“We believe that it would be fair for some of the funds paid by companies to go to charity. No matter how bad you think our work is, we are pleased to know that we helped change someone's life, ”said the hackers.

According to the analyst of the information security company Emsisoft Brett Callow (Brett Callow), the motives of the cybercriminals are unclear. “Perhaps it helps them get rid of their feelings of guilt? Or, for more selfish reasons, they want to look like these Robin Hoods, and not shameless extortionists. However, whatever their motives, this is undoubtedly a very unusual move and the first time that ransomware operators have donated a portion of their profits to charity, ”said Callow.

The donations were made through the American Giving Block service used by 67 different non-governmental organizations around the world, including Save The Children, Rainforest Foundation and She's The First. Giving Block is marketed as "the only non-profit cryptocurrency donation solution." According to the administration of the service, she did not know anything that the donations were made by hackers. “We are still investigating whether these funds were actually stolen. If it turns out that the donations were made with stolen money, we will begin the process of returning them to their rightful owner, ”Giving Block said. True, to whom exactly they intend to return funds, hackers or their victims, the service operators did not specify.

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