Ransomware demanded more than $ 20 million from the German tech giant Software AG

The software manufacturer suffered from the Clop ransomware attack.


The infrastructure of one of the world's largest software companies, Software AG, was hit by an attack using the ransomware Clop.

The incident occurred on October 3 this year, when Clop's operators infiltrated the company's internal networks and encrypted files. The extortionists demanded more than $ 20 million for the restoration of documents - one of the largest ransoms in the history of ransomware attacks.

At the end of last week, the ransomware posted screenshots of the stolen data on their website. Information includes scans of passports and IDs of Software AG employees, corporate letters, financial documents, and folders from the company's intranet.

Software AG reported the incident last Monday. In the notification, company representatives noted that the corporate network was disrupted as a result of the cyber attack, but the incident did not affect the provision of services to customers, including cloud services. However, three days later, the company acknowledged the fact of data theft. It is currently unknown whether the company paid the required ransom.

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