Personal data of clients of Hotbit crypto exchange got to hackers

The organization warned users that hackers had taken over their personal data.

Cryptocurrency exchange Hotbit has suspended operations after a hacking attempt. The site's website says that the attackers carried out a large-scale cyberattack in order to gain access to the wallets of the exchange, but they failed.

At the same time, criminals could take possession of phone numbers, email addresses and information about clients' assets. In addition, Hotbit recommended changing account passwords, especially if they match passwords on other services.

It will take from 7 to 14 days to restore the operation of the crypto exchange. During this time, it is planned to completely rebuild the server architecture.

Hotbit started in early 2018 and has over 2 million users today, according to the exchange. According to March data, the official website of was visited by 2.2 million people.


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