Kaspersky Lab creates Antidron drone detection system


"We are creating the Antidron system. It will allow us to detect drones that fly up to the object. Depending on the model of the drone, the system can either land it, or send it back, or stun it," said Eugene Kaspersky.

Such a system is a must at sporting events and at airports, notes Kaspersky. In addition, the system will be useful for private private business. Sales in Russia and Europe may be simultaneous, the CEO of the company assured.

In addition, Kaspersky announced the project of an online voting system on the blockchain, which has already been tested. According to the head of the company, it will not be possible to hack it only by infecting a specific device.

However, many devices will be very difficult to infect. If you infect a thousand devices, it will not affect the big elections, and if you infect a million, it will immediately be noticeable. “The elections, of course, will be disrupted, but we will see it,” concludes Kaspersky.


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