Israeli sites massively attacked


On Thursday, May 21, Israeli sites were massively subjected to cyber attacks. Attackers deface the resources, replacing their home pages with a Tel Aviv image on fire. According to the National Cyber ​​Directorate of Israel, the sites of private companies using a specific server operating system have become victims of cyber attacks. The exact number of affected resources is not specified, however, according to Israeli media, it exceeds 1 thousand. The damage from the incident is very small.
 On the home pages of the attacked sites, the attackers left a message: "The countdown for the destruction of Israel has been launched a long time ago." A link to a video depicting the burning Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities, apparently after a series of attacks, was also published on some pages.
 At least two Israeli sites were attacked outside of Israel. According to The Irish Times, on Friday, the Ireland Israel Alliance and Ireland Israel Business Network sites, which use uPress servers for hosting, were subjected to a cyber attack.
 Responsibility for the defect took over a group called Hackers of Savior. No details about it are yet known, however, according to uPress, attackers can be Iranians.
 The incident occurred two days after Israel was charged with a cyber attack on an Iranian port. Recall earlier this month, the country's largest port, Bender Abbas, underwent a cyber attack, which damaged several computers.


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