Iranian hackers claim Israeli railways hacked


A group of Iranian hackers, calling themselves Cyber ​​Avengers, posted on a Telegram channel associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a statement of responsibility for attacks against the railway system in Israel, Anadolu news agency reported.

The statement was published on several Telegram channels associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The group published a map of Israel's rail network, indicating the stations at which the attack was allegedly directed. Among them are stations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion Airport.

A Cyber ​​Avengers spokesman said the group attacked servers running 28 train stations in Israel from July 14-24, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion Airport.

The "major cyber operation" began, according to the hackers, on July 14 at 1:20 am. It was at this time, just over six months ago - on January 3, 2020 - at the airport in Baghdad, an American drone destroyed a high-ranking Iranian military man, General Qasem Soleimani.

Iranian hackers claim that as of July 31, train stations in Israel are not functioning due to the damage caused, which is not true. Railway traffic in Israel is carried out in accordance with the timetable established for the period of quarantine measures related to the coronavirus epidemic: train traffic is reduced, regular delivery of passengers to Ben Gurion station does not make sense, since there is almost no passenger air traffic.

The Cyber ​​Avengers group emphasizes that although the July 24 hacker attack against Israel's transport infrastructures was suspended, "the worst (for the Israelis) is yet to come." Iranian hackers threaten to plan new attacks that could lead to "collisions of dozens of trains."

In early July, the same group claimed responsibility for massive power outages in Israel. However, cybersecurity experts believe the claim is not based on fact.

However, Iranian hackers warned that "the worst is yet to come" and said a "cold cyber war" is unfolding between Israel and Iran.


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