Hackers stole € 800,000 from ATMs using black box attack

Cybercriminal group robbed 35 ATMs in Italy.48.jpgIn Italy, a cybercriminal group has been liquidated that has “robbed” at least 35 ATMs belonging to Italian banks. Using the black box attack, in just seven months, the attackers stole about 800 thousand euros.

Italian law enforcement officials have identified 12 suspects. Six of them were arrested, three are under recognizance not to leave in Poland, one managed to go home to Moldova, and two more allegedly left Italy.

According to local media, the cybercriminal group's logistics bases were located in Milan, Monza, Bologna, Modena, Rome, Viterbo, Mantua, Vicenza and Parma.

The black box attack is a type of jackpotting attack in which attackers can force the ATM bill dispenser to dispense cash. For this, the so-called "black box" (black box) is used - a mobile device or Raspberry computer that physically connects to the ATM and sends a command to the dispenser.

Black box attacks are very popular with cybercriminals, and several groups specialize in selling related hardware and malware. This summer, ATM manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf warned about an increase in the number of black box attacks on ATMs in Europe. After two such attacks, the Belgian savings bank Argenta was forced to shut down 143 ATMs.


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