Hackers leaked data of 1.3 million users of the social network Clubhouse

The data leaked to the Network is not confidential, but it may be enough to carry out subsequent hacker attacks


The data of Clubhouse users was published on a hacker forum in free access.

The data contains information such as account name, username, linked Twitter and Instagram accounts, number of followers and subscriptions, date of account creation.

In addition, the attackers have declassified data that indicates who was invited to the conversation and when the user signed up for the Clubhouse.

It is noted that such information can help to use the bank accounts of users.

All data in this database was obtained by parsing social network profiles and is open information that can be freely obtained through the API.

In early April, the personal data of 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries were leaked. Unique identifiers, phone numbers, first and last names, locations, dates of birth and events from the biography, as well as partially e-mail addresses, have leaked onto the Internet.

On February 20, the Clubhouse social network announced the leak of conversations of some users who were in a closed room. The reason for this was a hacker attack that was launched on February 20.


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