Hackers got access to the database of the manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets Ledger


The company Ledger, which produces hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrency, reported on its official website that it had leaked the data of a million users. These include customer names, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, and product information. Other important information, such as payment details, bank card details and cryptocurrency accounts, remain safe, Ledger said.

The company explained that the hackers gained access to the database on June 25 using an API key. The company immediately eliminated the vulnerability and conducted an internal investigation. The security breach occurred three weeks earlier, on June 25th. A third-party tool has penetrated the marketing and e-commerce database using an API key.

Ledger staff clarified that the vulnerability has been fixed at the moment. They also recommended that owners of hardware wallets prepare for possible phishing attacks and not divulge the secret phrase to anyone to restore access to the storage.

Earlier, the largest manufacturer of "cold" cryptocurrency wallets Ledger reported vulnerabilities in the devices of its direct competitor Trezor. According to the company, security problems were discovered by specialists from its Attack Lab division, which tests the resistance to the hacking of products of both Ledger itself and its competitors.


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