Google receives $ 5 billion lawsuit for incognito user tracking


The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in federal court in San Jose. According to the prosecution, Google secretly collects information about where and what content users are viewing, even if their browser is in private browsing mode.

Data is collected through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other services and plugins, including mobile applications, regardless of whether users click on the links of Google advertising banners. In this way, Google receives information about their friends, hobbies, taste preferences and purchases, and also learns “intimate and uncomfortable” details about them based on search queries.

The documents say that Google’s violations affect millions who have used the option of anonymous web surfing since June 1, 2016. Each of them plaintiffs are required to pay compensation of at least $ 5 thousand for violation of federal wiretapping laws and California privacy laws.

A Google spokesman said the company intends to defend itself decisively in court. Every time you open a browser in incognito mode, Google warns users that sites may be visible on their network activity, he added.


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