Google fell victim to record-breaking DDoS attack

The DDoS attack power reached 2.54 TB / s - 0.24 TB / s more than the previous record.


Three years ago, a state-funded cybercriminal group carried out a record-breaking DDoS attack on Google. Using various methods, attackers simultaneously attacked thousands of company IP addresses. The attack lasted for several months, and its capacity reached 2.54 TB / s. This is reported in Google's "Exponential Growth in DDoS Attack Power" report on the trends in the DDoS arena over the past few years.

Google does not attribute the attack to any particular group. However, according to the report, junk UDP packets used by the attackers were sent from devices connected to Chinese ISPs (autonomous systems with numbers 4134, 4837, 58453, and 9394).

The incident took place in September 2017. The attackers used 180,000 unsecured CLDAP, DNS and SMTP servers to amplify the responses sent by Google. However, despite the power, the cyber attack did not affect the operation of Google services, and the company's infrastructure remained intact.

This DDoS attack is the most powerful of all publicly disclosed so far. Until that time, the largest DDoS attack was considered an attack on Amazon AWS in the first quarter of 2020, the capacity of which reached 2.3 TB / s. The maximum number of packets per second reached 293.1 - more than half the number of packets per second hitting Google.

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