France, Japan, and New Zealand Warn of Emotet Spam Spam


CERT teams in France, Japan and New Zealand have issued security alerts announcing a massive surge in spam campaigns by Emotet botnet operators targeting businesses and government agencies in those countries.

According to Cryptolaemus group member Joseph Roosen, the Emotet botnet has been on the rise in recent weeks, including in France, Japan and New Zealand. In particular, attacks on New Zealand are carried out from the E3 mini-botnet (part of the Emotet infrastructure), while all three Emotet botnets (E1, E2 and E3) take part in attacks on Japan, and in the latter case, the volume of spam in several weeks -is sent tripled. At the same time, attacks in France are less intense, says the researcher.

According to reports from CERT teams in three countries, attacks follow a similar scenario - Emotet operators infect the victim's device and steal email archives, which they then use as decoys in spam emails with malicious attachments. In recent campaigns, attackers use Microsoft Word documents containing malicious ZIP archives.

Experts warn that over time, Emotet may switch to other countries, as the botnet is able to send spam in various languages.

Cryptolaemus is a group of more than 20 cybersecurity experts from all over the world, united to fight against Emotet malware.


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