Facebook will not notify 530 million users of data breaches

The company is not sure if it has complete information about which users should be notified.


Facebook did not notify more than 530 million of its users that their data was leaked as a result of Facebook abuse and was recently released to the public. Moreover, the company does not intend to do so, reports Reuters.

As SecurityLab reported last week, a database with phone numbers and other information from the profiles of users of the social network was in the public domain. According to a post on the Facebook blog, some "attackers" gained access to the data before September 2019 through the so-called web scraping through a vulnerability in a tool for synchronizing contacts.

According to a Facebook spokesman, the company is not sure if it has complete information about which users should be notified. When deciding whether to notify users or not, the company took into account two facts: firstly, users still could not do anything about the leak, and secondly, the data was already publicly available. The vulnerability was fixed immediately after it was discovered.

According to Facebook, the leaked database does not contain any financial or medical information, or passwords. However, even the data that is in the database may be sufficient to carry out fraudulent activities.

Earlier this week, Roskomnadzor sent a request to Facebook demanding to provide "the fullest possible information about the leakage" of personal data of Russians.

Web scraping is a method of obtaining data by extracting it from web resource pages. Web scraping can be done manually by a computer user, but the term usually refers to automated processes implemented with code that makes GET requests to a target site.


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