Facebook may be forced to sell Instagram and WhatsApp

The US authorities have filed lawsuits against Facebook, accusing the company of unfair competition.1.jpg

On Wednesday, December 9, the FTC, along with a coalition of attorneys general from 48 states and territories, filed two separate antitrust lawsuits against Facebook, affecting the company's largest acquisitions, Instagram and WhatsApp. The plaintiffs are accusing it of unfair competition and are demanding legal protection, which could lead to the fact that the court will force Facebook to sell both applications.

For nearly a decade, the plaintiffs said Facebook used its dominant market position to crush smaller competitors and stifle competition, "all at the expense of ordinary users."

Facebook "used its power to stifle competition" to make billions by turning the personal data of its users into a "cash cow," said New York Attorney General Letitia James, who led the plaintiffs.

In turn, Facebook called the lawsuits "historical revisionism" of two major acquisitions, which the government itself approved a few years ago.

“The most important fact in this case is that in its 53-page complaint, the commission did not mention that it itself approved these acquisitions several years ago. Now the government wants to play it all back and thereby give American business a chilling warning that no trade can be final, ”said Jennifer Newstead, vice president and senior advisor at Facebook.

A detailed summary of Facebook's position in relation to the claims filed against it can be found here .

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