Databases of 18 companies with 386 million records are published on the Internet for free


A cybercriminal or cybercriminal group known as the ShinyHunters floods hacker forums with free databases. Since July 21 of this year, he began publishing databases on one of the darknet marketplaces, a total of over 386 million records stolen from 18 companies as a result of leaks.

Typically, stolen databases are first sold privately for between $ 500 and $ 100,000. When they are no longer profitable, sellers post them on hacking forums for free to increase their reputation in the hacking community.

Nine of the databases published on July 21st (,,,,,,,,, and Wattpad) have been disclosed in one way or another in the past. However, the other nine, including Havenly, Indaba Music, Ivoy, Proctoru, Rewards1, Scentbird and Vakinha, have been unveiled for the first time.

Users of the above services are strongly advised to change their passwords as soon as possible in order to avoid possible hacks. If the same password is used on other sites, you need to change it there too.


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