Danish intelligence helped NSA track Merkel and Steinmeier

In 2012-2014, Danish intelligence helped the NSA track political leaders in Sweden, Norway and Germany through submarine cables.


The US National Security Agency used its connections with the Danish intelligence services to spy on high-ranking officials in France, Sweden, Norway and Germany. According to the Danish national broadcaster DR, this was revealed by an internal investigation by Danish military intelligence in 2015. DR herself became aware of the investigation from a source who was directly involved in it.

As the investigation showed, in 2012-2014, through Danish information cables, the US NSA monitored the political "elite" of the aforementioned states, including the then German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who at that time served as the German Foreign Minister, and now he is the Federal President of Germany, and the ex-Minister of Finance Peer Steinbrück.

Denmark, a close US ally, has several key stations for submarine internet cables to and from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland and the UK.

According to DR, Danish intelligence initiated an investigation in 2014 after Edward Snowden published a number of documents on the activities of the NSA.

“It’s absurd that friendly intelligence services are actually intercepting data and spying on high-ranking officials from other countries. From a political point of view, I regard it as a scandal”, Steinbrück told the German TV and radio company ARD.

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultkvist said on the air of the Swedish television and radio company SVT that he "requires full information on this issue". According to the Norwegian Defense Minister, he "took the charges seriously."

The press service of the Office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany says that they learned about the surveillance of the Chancellor only now, from journalists who asked for comments. The NSA has not yet commented on DR's statement in any way, and the US Director of National Intelligence and Danish intelligence have refrained from commenting.

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