CNN: Russian Hackers Hunt US Cyber Rapid Response Services

After a large-scale cyber hack in the United States, Russian hackers, according to CNN, tried to attack specialists who were supposed to be among the first to respond to the attack.


For months, while US officials were unaware of the cyberattack on US government agencies through SolarWinds software, Russian hackers identified several key Department of Homeland Security (DHS) analysts to be among the first to respond to a breach detection. After that, the hackers tried to access their email, CNN reports, citing two sources.

While it is unclear if any of these accounts were compromised, sources say that the fact that the hackers knew exactly which BIV analysts to turn to suggests that they have a much deeper understanding of the US cyber defense system than they do about this was previously known.

The hackers were able to track down in real time when US officials identified the attack, allowing them to "adapt their actions and go unnoticed for as long as possible. Former US National Security Agency (NSA) employee and CNN military analyst Cedric Leighton advises BIM staff "completely upgrade the system of all defensive cyber operations."

Recall that the attack through SolarWinds led to the hacking of hundreds of objects of the federal and regional infrastructure of the United States, including ministries (State Department, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy) and enterprises.


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