Bill Gates predicted a new pandemic that will change the world

According to Gates, a new disaster could hit people in 10-20 years or even earlier.41.jpgLast week, billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates recorded a podcast in which he discussed the coronavirus pandemic and the changes in the world with actress Rashida Jones and chief infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci.

According to the billionaire, the world is already undergoing dramatic changes. People are getting used to masks, social distancing, and teleworking.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the next planet will inevitably await. In the worst case, a pandemic will sweep the world in three years, the billionaire believes. But humanity will cope with it, as it is already prepared for such situations. For example, well-tested algorithms for the introduction of quarantine will appear, and systems for testing potential carriers of infection will be improved.

Gates also proposed closing restaurants and bars in place of schools, so as not to deprive young people of education. According to the billionaire, a very harsh winter of 2021 awaits people. “In winter, when it's colder, the virus multiplies more, we are more indoors, so this is not good. And then there's a certain amount of fatigue - it's hard for us to stay away from friends, ”he explained.

Gates reckons the news will be mostly bad over the next 6-8 months. But then "there will be light at the end of the tunnel" due to the spread of the vaccine.

As SecurityLab previously reported, 96% of UK firms are ready to change their cybersecurity strategy due to COVID-19, and half of them are now more likely to take cybersecurity into account in every business decision. Additionally, a third of UK respondents (34%) plan to accelerate their digitalization plans due to COVID-19.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that asymptomatic patients can differ from healthy people by their cough. The human ear does not catch these differences, but artificial intelligence very well distinguishes the coughing of those infected from coughing who are not at all sick.

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