Biden's team threatens sanctions in response to Russian cyberattacks

Joe Biden's team after his inauguration as President of the United States will consider possible sanctions against Russia in response to a cyberattack on American departments.


Joe Biden's team after his inauguration as President of the United States will consider various options for punishing Russia for a large-scale cyberattack on US government departments, Reuters reported, citing sources. According to their information, among the possible options may be both new economic sanctions and retaliatory hacker attacks on Russian infrastructure.

An anonymous interlocutor of the agency said that Washington intends to take actions that will result in serious economic, financial and technological losses for Moscow. At the same time, the United States intends to act in such a way as to avoid an escalation of the conflict between the countries.

US senators, in turn, said that Washington should take action against Moscow in connection with a cyberattack against government agencies, in which the US is attributed to Russia.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner believes Russia is to blame for the recent cyber attacks on American institutions. According to him, such attacks "cannot be left unanswered."

Republican Senator Mitt Romney called the incident an invasion of US cyberspace. "Russia got the opportunity to potentially harm us in terms of energy supply, water supply, communications," Romney said. He likened the alleged malware to the use of cruise missiles by the United States against Iraq.

Romney called for "a very tough response, not only in words, although this is also important, but also in cyberspace, of the same or larger scale."


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