Biden proposed to allocate billions of dollars to strengthen US cybersecurity

State and local governments will receive $ 20 billion to upgrade their power systems to meet cybersecurity standards.


The US President Joe Biden's plan to modernize the infrastructure and develop the US labor market, or the so-called American Jobs Plan, envisages a multibillion-dollar budget to strengthen cybersecurity after a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline fuel company led to skyrocketing prices for gasoline last week.

On March 31 this year, Biden unveiled the $ 2 trillion American Job Creation Plan, designed to boost US economic growth and help states compete with China. The president called his plan "the largest investment in jobs since World War II."

As part of the initiative, the state governments, local and tribal governments will receive $ 20 billion to modernize their energy systems, subject to cybersecurity standards, as well as $ 2 billion to ensure the resilience of networks in high-risk areas, dependent on achieving cybersecurity goals, the bulletin said. published by the White House on May 18. However, the exact amount that will be spent on improving cyber security remains to be seen.

The $ 100 billion in high-speed broadband access is part of its broader efforts to keep the country safe, the presidential administration explained. Grant recipients will be encouraged to use the resources of "trusted vendors" and implement cybersecurity measures. In addition, the plan provides for a new tax credit for transmission infrastructure, which the administration believes will help strengthen cyber capabilities.


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