Attempted attempt on corporate data increased by 25%


Rostelecom conducted a survey among its corporate clients, in particular, government agencies, companies operating in the fuel and energy sector, financial sector, food industry enterprises, shipbuilders, telecom operators and others. According to its results, it turned out that as the transition to the remote mode of operation, the databases of various companies began to be more often subjected to hacker attacks. It is only about attempts to drain or remove data that could be identified and nipped, the report authors specify.

According to their survey, the number of such cases in March - June 2020 compared with the pre-quarantine period increased by 25%. More than 60% of Russian companies call outgoing specialists the culprits of information leaks, in 13% of cases we are talking about transferring confidential information to the new employer about the conditions of transactions and tenders, secret developments and know-how from the previous place of work.

As for the information that was exposed to risks, in 61% of cases these are client databases, in 19% - confidential information on the terms of transactions and tenders, and in 15% - the secrets of development and know-how. However, it is the last two categories of data that cause the old employer the greatest financial damage.


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