Attack on SolarWinds may have leaked classified court documents

The incident could have led to the leakage of classified documents related to criminal cases against state-funded hackers.


The SolarWinds hack has leaked classified US court documents, which could have a huge impact on US sanctions against so-called "government" hackers.

The attack on software maker SolarWinds affected not only FireEye and Microsoft , but also the US federal court system. In addition to damage to reputation, the incident could also lead to the leakage of classified documents related to criminal cases against foreign-funded hackers. In particular, the documents contain information on upcoming criminal charges against Russian cybercriminals, shedding light on how the identities of the accused were identified.

According to a statement from the US Courts Administrative Office, the SolarWinds hack has created "the risk of compromising highly sensitive non-public documents stored in the CM / ECF, in particular classified." "The apparent compromise of the confidentiality of the CM / ECF system due to these discovered vulnerabilities is currently being investigated," the US Courts Administration said in a statement.

Case Management / Electronic Case Files (CM / ECF) is a federal court system that allows documents such as claims, motions, and petitions to be filed with the court online. CM / ECF is most commonly used by attorneys, United States Trustee Program members, and bankruptcy estate managers.

Compromising the CM / ECF can have serious repercussions as federal prosecutors and US security agencies targeting state-funded hackers line their cases out of the public eye under the guise of classified judicial documents. In ordinary criminal cases, this helps to ensure that offenders are not warned in advance of an impending arrest or search.


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