At the hacker forum put up for sale a database of 14 companies

At one of the hacker forums, stolen databases containing user records of 14 different companies that were allegedly hacked by cybercriminals in 2020 were put up for sale. As the seller told the BleepingComputer, the cost of databases can vary from $ 100 to $ 1,100.

Each of the fourteen sold databases contains various information from users of gaming sites, food delivery services and credit companies, but all of them contain usernames and password hashes. The stolen databases contain a total of 132 957 579 user records that can be used by attackers to carry out attacks.

Data from the following companies are sold on the hacker forum: DarkThrone, Efun, Fluke, Footters, HomeChef, James Delivery, KitchHike, KreditPlus, Minted, Playwings, Revelo, Tokopedia, Yotepresto and Zoosk.

In addition to these data for 2020, the seller also sells databases stolen as a result of older hacks from other companies, including Star Tribune, EpicGames, ZyngaPoker, ReverbNation, Wirecard, ClickFunnels, etc.

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