The solution of "Bel In Soft" Company to protect the state border in the context of the coronavirus pandemic


In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, when almost all the countries of the world conduct sanitary-epidemiological and quarantine measures and reinforce border control over crossing the state borders, “Bel In Soft” Company offers a proprietary turn-key solution – an integrated state border security system. Our solution is an intelligent integrated state border security system based on the information-analytical automated C4I platform. The system modularity enables its real-time fast configuration to solve specific and vital problems in a rapidly changing environment by using a support and decision-making system, as well as various technical subsystems and a control and monitoring center. Together with solving problems in the field of ensuring border security, our system can be used to protect the perimeter of critical infrastructure facilities, penal system facilities, and in other cases when it is necessary to provide reliable protection against any kind of threat.

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