BELINSOFT presents ADINT-based IT solution to retain public order and national tranquility while resisting COVID-19 pandemic


ADINT – а special solution promptly designed and developed to provide controlled lawful observation and targeted reaction for further managing immediate and urgent cases related to COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on comprehensive AdTech stack-based Advertising Intelligence approach, ADINT provides law enforcement authorities with such sophisticated techniques as:
  • Precise targeting
  • Individual and Group geo-tracking, profiling and multi-target analyzing
  • Advanced network Social Engineering
ADINT is a highly effective instrument designed to monitor and regulate COVID-19 related events, providing controlled observation and targeted reaction towards managing immediate andurgent cases, delivering following key performance results:
  • Urgent elicitation of potential virus spread based on analysis of human’s contacts, patterns of behavior, movements and activities
  • Advanced tracing of persons contacted with COVID-19 carrier
  • Forecast and prevention of possible riots
  • Retention and safekeeping of daily social stability
BELINSOFT welcomes governmental and law enforcement authorities to evaluate ADINT and proceed to its prompt implementation.

Let’s actively impact the world’s safety and tranquility!

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