"Bel In Soft" delegation took part in the First Global Cybersecurity Forum


The delegation of the Belarusian company "Bel In Soft", a special exporter of solutions in the field of cryptography, security systems for critical objects and other solutions in the field of cybersecurity, took part in the GCF forum.
 For the first time in history, the GCF organizers managed to bring together in one place representatives of 63 states, politicians, heads of international organizations and associations, ministries and departments, more than 1200 leading world experts, heads of leading world companies to discuss the threats and challenges that the international community faces with growth digital transformation of the economy and society.
 It was not surprising that the key topic of the Global Forum on Cybersecurity is relevant for our country. The world community is concerned about the question: how to protect critical national infrastructure from physical and cyber threats, realizing effective interaction between public and private organizations? Digitalization of urban infrastructure leads to the emergence of digital cities, and for “smart city” the issue of cybersecurity is no longer an idle one. How to protect digital cities so that they do not become dangerous for its residents, how to create e-health, while maintaining the trust and safety of patients - these are examples of thematic discussions of the Global Forum.
 As a result of the event, the Riyadh Declaration on Cybersecurity was adopted, which states that along with technological progress, which opens up new opportunities for the development of all spheres of human life, new problems and challenges arise both at the individual, local, national, and global levels. At the initiative of the Saudi side, the document includes provisions calling for the international community to protect children in cyberspace and to increase the role of women in the information society.
 The participants in the forum deserved particular attention to the project of creating "NEOM", the smart city of the future.
 For reference: “NEOM” is a Saudi project of a smart cross-border city, which according to the plan should be located in the far north-west of Saudi Arabia, in Tabuk. "NEOM" is expected to provide many investment opportunities in a total area of ​​26,500 km² and extend over 460 km along the Red Sea coast. The first stage of the construction of the city should be completed by 2025. The $ 500 billion projects were supported by the Saudi State Investment Fund.
 During a visit to Saudi Arabia, "Bel In Soft" representatives held talks with the heads of government of Saudi Arabia, as a result of which the possibility of implementing a number of joint projects in the Kingdom in the field of cybersecurity is being explored.
The implementation of such decisions in international markets is gradually becoming a new export destination for Belarus. Within the framework of working meetings with the Saudi side, the technological potential of Belarusian IT companies was presented, and "Bel In Soft" company is considered as a partner in promoting the participation and coordination of Belarusian companies in implementing the Vision 2030 concept, which envisages the implementation of the grandiose "NEOM" project - construction cities of the future.

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