They want to install a “smart” traffic control system on the MKAD


According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the final decision will be made by the leadership of the Minsk City Executive Committee. Meanwhile, the “smart” system is already being implemented in small areas. We are talking about the creation of ASUDD (automated traffic management system), regulation of public transport, paid parking.

To create a system, the traffic police proposes to use stationary sensors and a geolocation service. Negotiations are underway with Yandex and TomTom. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is even ready to consider the issue of buying data: they calculated it would be more profitable than installing stationary sensors.

- This will be a combined data acquisition scheme. On the one hand, information will come from drivers through geolocation, on the other hand, stationary sensors that will calibrate the data. The traffic control center will set up algorithms, optimize traffic on the Moscow Ring Road, ”said Dmitry Navoi, head of the department of traffic management and traffic inspection of the UGAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

It is assumed that over each lane of the Moscow Ring Road there will be an interactive indicator that sets the speed of movement. If everything is calm on the ring, then the speed in the lanes is assumed to be: 100, 90, 90 km / h.

In the event of an incident, while the driver sets the warning triangle, a jam occurs. And the system will help warn other traffic participants so that they do not drive into an existing accident.

Through sensors and geolocation, the system reads the changed situation on the road and changes the allowed speed of traffic in the lanes, for example, by 80, 70, 70 km / h. At the same time, the traffic flow is redistributed from the Moscow Ring Road to the adjacent street. This information is transmitted to drivers through radio stations, smartphones, on-board navigation devices or installed displays, and they decide whether to stand in a traffic jam or drive into the city. At the same time, the city road, where the traffic flow will go, will have to accept it. For this, the operating modes of traffic lights must be quickly reconfigured.

- Such a scheme in the world is just beginning to be implemented. We think that it will be promising. In addition, the Belarusian Association of Experts and Surveyors on Transport has calculated that if the system is implemented, economic losses of 10 to 20 million dollars a year will be avoided. These are indirect losses, we do not see them. This is the income that comes from fuel overruns, from saved lives, the environment and more, ”said Dmitry Navoi.


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