Smart fare system tested in Minsk metro


As part of a pilot test, a biometric terminal from Belarusbank was installed at the Ploshchad Lenina metro station. The system is tested by employees of the bank and the subway. For all passengers, the system will work with the opening of the third metro line - the terminals will operate at one of the new stations, as well as at Lenin Square. Within six months, such terminals are planned to be installed at all metro stations.

The technological solution for the Belarusbank project was provided by the Russian company VisionLabs. She has developed a face recognition algorithm. In Belasrubank they say that it is more perfect and allows you to distinguish even twins with an accuracy of 99.9%. The system runs on all Android and Apple operating systems and detects people even in a mask.

How the system works:
- The user saves his data in the mobile application of Belarusbank, scans his face, binds the card, after that the identifier identifies in the metro.
- The persons are read out using the biometric terminal based on the casts that the passengers formed through the Belarusbank mobile application.
- The system recognizes a person online even when turning his head, poor lighting or partial overlapping of the face, such as glasses or a medical mask. In the stream, the system recognizes who is closer.
- The technology determines individual traits by fixed points. The terminal checks from 75 to 125 points on the face to build a digital fingerprint, which is used to find matches in the biometric database.
- Further, other algorithms are searched for in a pre-created database and give a percentage of similarity with the desired data sample. If the similarity percentage is high, the face is recognized.
- Travel money is debited from the card, which is “tied” by the passenger to the identifier of the person’s mold in the bank’s mobile application. Money will be debited instantly in one trip. The operation takes two seconds.


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