IT sector should focus more on Belarusian economy


Today is a meeting of the Council of Ministers on the results of socio-economic development, at which Prime Minister Sergei Rumas touched on the topic of the IT industry. The politician noted that this sector should focus more on the Belarusian economy, rather than the economy of other countries, BelTA informs.
 Sergei Rumas said that only the informatization and communications industry made a significant contribution to economic growth last year: “This is an objective reality: structural shifts are taking place both in the global economy and in ours.” The Prime Minister noted the positive effect of the flow of currency to Belarus thanks to the High Technology Park. But there are some comments:
 - This [currency attraction] is good, but the IT sector should work more for the Belarusian economy. In the meantime, the level of interaction within the country in this area can hardly be called sufficient - all the latest developments work for the economies of other countries.
 Sergei Rumas also said that last year attracting foreign direct investment was weaker than anticipated. Four regions failed to fulfill the indicators: Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno and Minsk. The Prime Minister said the decline in investor activity:
 - Ill-conceived and inconsistent decisions lead to serious consequences for the country and, no less important, to a significant deterioration in the assessment by potential investors of the conditions for investing in Belarus.
Rumas instructed the Ministry of Economy to conduct an analysis of the work and make proposals for changes in working with investors.

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