Multifunctional Smart Windows Developed by BSU Scientists


Similar technology is used only in China, but it is more expensive the university’s press service reports.

“Smart windows” are liquid crystal panels that, depending on external factors, can change from transparent to matte and vice versa. They can be an alternative to glass. Innovative development protects the room from sunlight, the penetration of ultraviolet radiation and partially blocks infrared. This allows the user to dispense with curtains and blinds.

Innovation can be used as a bulletin board in shopping facilities. The user will be able to remotely change the value and name of the goods throughout the outlet. Also, "smart windows" can be used as a car sun visor and a sign on the control panel. When sunlight enters, the place on the visor is automatically dimming, where the driver's gaze is directed. This functionality is supported by the eye-tracking electronics and the software control unit.


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