Hackers who stole over $ 837 thousand from 8 Belarusian banks arrested


Employees of the "K" department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus stopped the activities of four international cybercriminal groups. A total of 10 hackers were detained. The crimes were committed on the territory of Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and a number of other states.

The cybercriminals used malware to remotely access E-POS terminals of US retail sites, carry out fraudulent return transactions to bank payment cards of dummies, and immediately cash out funds at ATMs or via Internet banking with the subsequent cancellation of the operation.

The criminals converted the stolen funds into cryptocurrency, and the criminal activities of the gangs were controlled via anonymous Internet messengers. From March to May 2019, attackers stole over $ 837 thousand from 8 Belarusian banks

The members of the group performed various functions: the selection of dummies to register bank payment and SIM cards in their own names, the use of malware to remotely control the terminals of US retail facilities in order to steal and withdraw funds, etc.

The Office of the Investigative Committee for Minsk initiated a number of criminal cases. With regard to six suspects, a preventive measure was taken in the form of detention.


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