Five more technology parks to open in Belarus


Now in the Republic of Belarus there are 16 technology parks and nine technology transfer centers. In January, Baranavichy State University received the status of a technology transfer center.
 Over the past year, more than 500 jobs were created in the technology parks of Belarus. The total number of employees exceeds 2.5 thousand.
 In January next year, the National Children's Technopark will work. It is planned that he will work year-round, but in his main programs and areas from September to June, BelTA was told by Director of the Republican Center for Innovative and Technical Creativity Sergey Sachko.
 Education in the technopark will be predominantly for students of grades 9-11 in groups of 7 to 10 people. Change - up to 24 days.
 The selection will take place in three stages. The first is remote. Students send an application to the site of the technopark and in the future their creative work or project. The work will be evaluated by an expert council at the technopark. The second stage is testing. The winners of various olympiads, republican and international competitions will be allowed immediately to the second stage. In the third stage, students will be interviewed to determine in which direction and in which laboratory each of them will work.
It is planned to organize 15 innovative laboratories in the National Children's Technopark in the areas of "robotics", "aerospace", "green chemistry", "engineering ecology", "biology". “In addition to students in grades 9-11, young people in secondary schools will be able to attend the technopark.

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