Every tenth company in Belarus faced a data leak

ESET, an international antivirus company, conducted a study on the state of information security of Belarusian companies by interviewing dozens of system administrators and IT directors. According to respondents, 71% of companies faced internal cyber threats.
The most common internal threats to business were software vulnerabilities (26% of the participants in a multivariate survey noted this item), loss of corporate mobile devices by employees (16%), and security problems on the provider's side (14%).
It was also revealed that one in ten companies in Belarus suffered from accidental or intentional data leaks. According to the Ponemone Institute, the financial damage companies incur due to information leaks averages $ 3.9 million.
As part of the study, respondents noted which data required special protection against cyber threats. 80% believe that the most significant is financial information, 64% highlighted information on operating activities, and 56% - data on customers, partners and contact databases.
Finally, 30% of respondents worry about the personal information of employees of their companies. This is due to the improvement of the legislative framework at the international level and the increased responsibility of the employer for their safety.
An effective means of protecting confidential information is the DLP (Data Leak Prevention) technology, which allows you to close the main channels of leaks, prevent losses and even forecast potential dangerous actions of employees before they lead to a loss of time and money.
ESET research showed that in Belarus, only 6% of companies use DLP, despite the scale of internal cyber threats, among which there is an increasing share of data leaks.

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