EPAM handed over the COVID-19 monitoring system to the Ministry of Health of Belarus


The Ministry of Health of Belarus begins testing the system and training employees. It will be part of a new system for monitoring the epidemiological situation in the country.

In particular, the program will increase the efficiency of data exchange between health organizations, the ministry expects.

Data on all patients, as well as contacts of the first and second level, will be collected in a single register and analyzed. This will allow specialists to speed up the analysis of incidence rates. Experts will be able to observe the dynamics of each individual patient or group of patients, make long-term predictions and make decisions based on big data.

The program collects data not only in real time, but also for the past period. Therefore, the Ministry of Health plans to use the system to analyze information received since February of this year. This will allow doctors to predict options for action in the event of a second wave of the spread of the virus. Also, the ministry is going to use the program not only to analyze COVID-19, but also all socially significant infections.


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