Cybercriminals stole a record amount of money from a Belarusian company


One of the Belarusian companies was the victim of cyber fraud - because of a careless attitude to its own cyber security, it lost a record 515 thousand rubles. On Wednesday, November 27, said the head of the high-tech crime detection department of the criminal police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Vadim Ustinovich at a press conference.
 The culprit of the accident was the chief accountant of the company, who connected a USB flash drive with a digital signature to the computer to process bank payments. Using an infected flash drive, cybercriminals stole $ 245 thousand from the company's bank accounts. The chief accountant reported the incident to an IT department employee who was unable to do anything.
 At the end of the working day, the company turned to law enforcement agencies. For several hours, the police called the banks to block money transfers and operations. As a result of these actions, part of the stolen funds was returned, but the rest still remained with the criminals.
 515 thousand rubles - the maximum amount ever stolen by cybercriminals from Belarusian companies.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2019, a sharp surge in cybercrimes was recorded in Belarus. Compared to 2018, their number increased 2.2 times. Only 5 years ago, only 135 cases of cybercrime were recorded, but already this year this number increased to 7.7 thousand.

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