Build an IT country by 2025


“In the medium term, on the horizon of 2025, we must solve the large-scale task of building an IT country,” said Dmitry Krutoy. “There should be objective, tangible results that we can show not only to our society, but also not to the international arena."
 One of the tasks for himself as a curator of the communications and informatization industry, Dmitry Krutoy called the establishment of the work of the Digital Economy Council. According to him, it is necessary to tackle a number of issues, including providing a legislative framework for the development of certain areas of the digital economy.
Speaking about the results of the work of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization in 2019, the First Deputy Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that this is the only sector of the economy that met all key socio-economic indicators. At the same time, he believes that in the next five-year period the list of reported indicators of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization should be adjusted, with a greater emphasis on the specifics of the industry, BelTA informs.

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