Belarusians want to use the solution for remote patient monitoring COVID-19


Healthy Networks, which helps detect diseases of the respiratory system, is the developer of Lung Pass. This is a device for detecting and monitoring diseases of the respiratory system.
 By installing the application on a smartphone, a user using a wireless digital stethoscope can record noise, wheezing and other sounds in the lungs. Sounds are processed and classified in the “cloud” using a neural network. Next, the patient undergoes a survey: fixes the presence of temperature, wheezing, sputum and other symptoms. The doctor can remotely listen to the sounds and analyze the history for the entire observation period. If signs of pneumonia are detected, the system will notify the doctor of the worsening condition of the patient.

 “The solution differentiates well between the presence and localization of wheezing. With its help, we are already monitoring patients with cystic fibrosis. For people with COVID-19, the system is especially convenient, because they can be taken remotely. In the future, the device will reduce the burden on healthcare facilities and doctors, ”commented Elena Lapteva, head of the department of pulmonology and phthisiology at BelMAPO.
 Last year, Healthy Networks closed the $ 925,000 seed round. The total amount of investments attracted by the company exceeded one million dollars. Earlier, startup CEO Elena Binetskaya said that the company uses the funds raised to launch a wireless (Bluetooth) stethoscope and application on the market in Belarus and Europe.


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