Belarusians made a “search engine” for bloggers (already a product of the week on PH)


The startup has developed its technology for collecting and analyzing data and has already managed to become a product of the week at Product Hunt in early May. Now the team is attracting a pre-seed round in promotion and further development.
 According to Evgeny Rozhko, CEO of Easy Bloggers, the platform developed by Belarusians helps businesses solve one of the main problems - finding suitable bloggers for a successful advertising campaign. Advertising with influencers is one of the most effective promotion channels. However, much of the work of finding bloggers is done manually. Belarusian developers were able to build a system that, with a minimum of resources, allows you to analyze millions of YouTube channels (an Instagram search will appear in the fall).
 - We built a chain of robots. Each of them does a certain part of the work, and at the output we get detailed analytics for each of the analyzed channels. Part of the data is collected by API, and part is scraped. Data for each video on the channel is collected several times during the month. In particular, we monitor the dynamics of the video, subscribers. Using the collected data, we consider performance metrics and build a forecast for the advertising campaign. Also, using a complex formula, we calculate for the customer the recommended price for integration with a blogger. That is, as a result, the customer receives a media plan that contains the necessary bloggers and all the necessary indicators for the future campaign, ”said Yevgeny Rozhko.
 Now users have access to free functionality. Interested companies, primarily marketing agencies, without registering, can directly set the necessary filters on the platform and collect a list of bloggers, see audience data (from which countries, what ages, etc.) and get the expected result from an advertising campaign. For example, how many views, transitions, actions, etc.
 In early May, Easy Bloggers appeared on Product Hunt and became the product of the week. According to Yevgeny Rozhko, after the launch of the platform, many representatives of American marketing agencies became interested.
 So far, from 500 to 2.5 thousand users, mainly from the USA, visit the platform daily. In the free version, they have access to the channels of English-speaking bloggers from five countries - the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. At the same time, the platform analyzes the channels of bloggers around the world, said Yevgeny Rozhko.
 Startup is going to monetize the service due to a paid subscription. By the end of summer Easy Bloggers is going to release two tariff plans - one for agencies, the second for brands that work directly with bloggers. For example, the tariff for agencies will be about $ 1,000 per month. In addition, a free version will remain for users.
 The startup also plans in the near future to close the pre-seed round for 150 thousand dollars. The startup has already attracted half the necessary resources. This is not the first investment by Easy Bloggers. Earlier, the startup team raised about 100 thousand dollars.
 - I think that we will have enough investment for the pre-seed round for about 8-10 months. The funds will be used to develop the platform and to promote the product, ”said Yevgeny Rozhko.


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