Belarusians came up with and launched the release of a framework for non-contact temperature determination and disinfection in 10 days - and are already selling in 11 countries


The framework can be used to organize access to crowded places, checkpoints, airports and shopping centers. The frame can be additionally equipped with a face recognition system, access control and journaling systems. A non-contact antiseptic sprayer for hand disinfection can also be installed.

EVO electronics were going to create an “anti-look” frame together with partners from Belgium and distribute in the Eastern Europe region. At the stage of market research, the company found high demand, and partners from Europe were unable to provide their part of the documentation on time. As a result, the company found itself in a situation where there are many requests, and partners cannot complete the project. As a result, Belarusians decided to do everything themselves: exactly 10 days passed from the decision to do everything on their own to the first finished frame in production.

Design and construct were developed overnight, and the first sale was a month later: a Belarusian bank bought the frame.

Now the company has received orders from Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Kuwait, Spain and the United Kingdom: in the latter case, they intend to purchase frames at London Gatwick Airport.

Using a conventional hand-held thermometer puts the operator and everyone who comes into contact with it if infection occurs: the distance when measuring will be less than 1 meter. Any presence of the operator near the measuring point increases the risk of further spread of the infection. The frame does not require operator work and waiting for a temperature measurement in 3-5 seconds.

According to EVO electronics, the system capacity is not limited (except by its physical dimensions): a thermal imaging module with a matrix of the highest resolution in the class is installed on the side. The thermal imaging modules of the frames themselves are made in Belarus, their production is certified.

Modules with a lens are calibrated manually up to 8 hours. The accuracy of determining the temperature is 0.3 degrees: the system is ready to start without a black body (instrument for calibrating the thermal imaging module). The frame can operate at a given temperature of the object, changing the color of the backlight, and reproduce sound.

Dosing systems with an antiseptic can be installed on the framework.

The video stream can be transmitted over the network and also used in the organization of access control systems in the places of work of people.

The device is declared IP54 standard: protected from dust and water splashes. According to EVO electronics, the closest well-known competitors of the Belarusian solution with comparable functionality are in China: they cost 2 times more, are made of plastic, not metal.


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