Belarusian startup Oyper became a partner of Verizon 5G

Belarusian startup Oyper became a partner of Verizon 5G


Startup Oyper announced the start of cooperation with Verizon 5G operator, Belarusian developers of the project said. Companies will use the fifth generation network in a clothing recognition application developed by Belarusians.
Oyper competed in hundreds of startups. All of them offered solutions that can be used for retail partners and Verizon customers. The Belarusian project entered the top five.
The team notes: the potential of 5G can be used to radically change the retail experience. Thus, fast mobile communication opens up new and complements existing opportunities for purchasing goods and doing business. By next year, global retail spending on AR / VR applications will reach around $ 59 billion.
Verizon 5G organized a competition to find the most interesting solutions and introduce them in the US market. The joint project Oyper and Verizon will be presented in January next year at the New York exhibition National Retail Federation.
Oyper is a Belarusian project that develops a neural network for the definition and classification of wardrobe items.

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