Belarusian "Know-by" is in the top 5 best educational platforms in the CIS

The Belarusian platform of electronic services for education "Know bye" entered the top five projects in the field of education system management.

Among the top 100 EdTech startups, there are projects in the field of language learning, tutoring, exam preparation, online higher education, robotics and programming, as well as educational platforms.

Together with "Know bye" in the Management Platforms category there were projects and IRTech from Russia, as well as Armacad and Dasaran from Armenia.

The rating included innovative companies in the field of education with headquarters in one of the CIS countries. HolonIQ experts ranked the participants using ML-algorithms according to the following criteria:
- quality and market potential;
- competitive environment;
- product and influence;
- experience and diversity of the team;
- investment capital;
- stability and growth of the company.

The TOP 100 list is intended to draw the attention of foreign investors to the new heroes of the EdTech market. Moreover, HolonIQ will include members in their reports, which are studied by analysts around the world.

“We thank the organizers for the high assessment of our platform and continue to develop Know Bye as a system integrator of solutions for Belarusian education. Education now is one of the very spheres of our country that needs to improve the quality of the educational process, the effectiveness of management decisions, and digitalization. We hope that our result once again confirms the relevance and prospects of investing in the EdTech sphere ", - comments on the news Alexander Teplyakov, brand director of" Know • by ".

The results of the HolonIQ rating will be used to form the agenda of the global conference on educational technologies EdCrunch-2020, which will be held November 11-13 in a mixed format in Moscow.


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